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So many of my friends have said to me, "Betty, you should have a Blog, it's so easy to do".

Here's my attempt at Blogging. My name is Betty (aka Scottie), I'm from North Carolina. I've been involved in a variety crafts over the years, computer crafts, machine embroidery. I enjoy making cards, boxes, bags and items for the home. Here you will find some of my projects (past and present).

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's getting harder and harder for me to do what I enjoy most....create! My arthritis is getting so bad that any movement of my fingers on my right hand causes pain that is almost unbearable. Any way I made this card this morning, it's similar to the one I posted yesterday. Unfortunately with the angle I had to take the picture the bottom of the card looks crooked, I assure it's not.
Here's a few labels that I made last week. After I printed out the words, I cut them out with Spellbinders Ribbon Tag Trio 2 and then dipped them into UTEE. Now they look like the epoxy stickers.


Clara said...

Kelly! What a great job you did on the God's Eye! Everything looked perfect, not crooked or anything. you know, if i did it, I'd probably have to undo it about 8 times! And I'm waaaaaay older than you....or your mom, for that matter!!
Let us see anything else you make!

Laura said...

Betty, I too suffer with Arthur-itis in several of my joints, my knees being the worst. Doc just told me I need total knee replacement on both knees. He put me on Celebrex, and now I feel like I'm 40 again, instead of 75, like I felt before. (I am 56.) Only problem is, I feel so good, I'm probably doing things I shouldn't, and wearing down more bone - drat!

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