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Here's my attempt at Blogging. My name is Betty (aka Scottie), I'm from North Carolina. I've been involved in a variety crafts over the years, computer crafts, machine embroidery. I enjoy making cards, boxes, bags and items for the home. Here you will find some of my projects (past and present).

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Morning Everyone
I hope everyone has a super day!
Yesterday Penny Duncan uploaded a beautiful file on her Blog. Penny is an extremely talented and a very giving person. She works hard creating so many amazing designs then freely shares them with everyone. I immediately fell in love with her Hat Box. I had to try it out right then and there. I finished it this morning...here's the result, isn't it cute!

Here's a mock up of my Anniversary Card to my Husband. I have plenty of time to make the final version of the card, since Our Anniversary is in June. Again the center of the card was created by Penny Duncan...Thanks Penny!


Anonymous said...

OMG...WOWZERS WOWZERS WOWZERS!!!! Girl.....I am SO SO SO SO SO VERY IMPRESSED!!!!! The hat box is AMAZING!!! The anniversary card....BREATHTAKING!!!! Beautiful creation indeed!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Both of these items knocked my socks off!!!!!!! You did a super, duper FANTASTIC job! Good work!

Diane said...

I like these both... you did Penny's files justice!!!

CarolD said...

OH Wow Betty. an amazing Hatcard and so totally different and the Anniversary card is beautiful..TFS.. I will have to pop over to Penny Duncans site to have a look......

Jessie said...

This is soooo pretty! I love the pearly doobs on it too...My anniversary is in June too June 30th! Guess I better get to thinking of what I am going to do! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

JustYolie said...

Beautiful hat box!!!

Spyder said...

I've been, caught your email from 'I did it! and this a lovely card!!and your hat card is wow! Never even tried to do one...yet!


Brenda said...

Mock up????? I barley can get the actual card done much less make a mock up.lol
Beautiful mock up card I can hardly wait to see the real thing.

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